About us

The Caffeine Stuff Story

How we became the company that fosters style for the urban coffee person

Our story starts here in 1835

1835 was the year that Colombia exported its first package of coffee abroad. and being Colombian I want to celebrate that date with all of you.

Caffeine Stuff is one of the best Coffee brands

It all started in the capital of the coffee axis in Colombia; Being born in Pereira and growing up surrounded by coffee crops gave me that love and taste for a good cup of coffee to the point of having my own coffee shop in the center of the city which I managed until I emigrated to the United States.

With this experience that I have with one of the best coffees in the world I bring you one of the best selections of coffee that you can find online. our commitment to you is the quality and selection that we bring you.


Our Vision

To provide to you the best quality coffee!



  • To change the way society views of coffee.
  • To foster confidence through our coffee beans.