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Caffeine Stuff is a premium coffee company with a great selection of single origin coffees, chemex coffees, and espresso blends. We offer a subscription service with monthly deliveries so you never have to worry about your caffeine needs again.Wanting something tasty to drink? You deserve it, don’t you? Get coffee from single origins or blends to enjoy with your friends.No matter the flavor profile you’re craving or the drink flavor you’re looking for, Caffeine Stuff has something for you. Check out our shop today!

Single Origin Cofee

Single-origin coffee, or "specialty" coffee, is coffee from one specific region. Our single-origin coffees come from farms where we know the farmers and their families and we work closely with these farmers to ensure quality and sustainability.

Blend Coffee

We roast our own blend of beans that we mix to create a unique flavor for every customer. Our blends are made up of coffees from all over the world that are roasted to perfection, then carefully combined into balanced flavor profiles by professional baristas.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaf is becoming ever more popular as more people are realizing its benefits. Our decaf is made with 100% Arabica beans that have been naturally processed using the water method rather than chemicals or artificial processes so you can enjoy your cup guilt free!

Caffeine Stuff

Know about caffeine stuff

It all started in the capital of the coffee axis in Colombia; Being born in Pereira and growing up surrounded by coffee crops gave me that love and taste for a good cup of coffee to the point of having my own coffee shop in the center of the city which I managed until I emigrated to the United States.

We offer the best single origin coffee and blends! 


Never Underestimate the Importance of Being Properly Caffeinated!

- Old Proverb


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